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Convoy of Hope | Ukraine Crisis Response

As tensions mount and warfare continues throughout Ukraine, Convoy of Hope is aiding refugees who are fleeing the country. Working with partners throughout Eastern Europe, we are bringing hope to those who desperately need it. Read more about this project HERE.

Building Uruguay

The country of Uruguay is an atheistic nation. If you grow up there, you are taught in school that there is no God. The amazing thing is, the group most open to the gospel are children. That’s why Missionary Trent Morrow is working on developing the land they already do children’s ministry on. They want to build a tabernacle and a building to house a kitchen, bathrooms, and showers. Find out more about this project HERE.

One Way Guatemala

With the goal to reach unreached children in San Juan la Laguna, One Way (Missionary David Amsler) is working with local pastor Juan Boceo to build a church. Currently, Pastor Juan is serving a congregation of people at a small rustic church where two classes have to meet outdoors under a tree. Check out more about this project HERE.

Builder’s International

Seven million children are sexually abused and exploited in the Philippines every year. Expanding the capacity of Happy Horizons Children’s Ranch gives children rescued from these horrors a safe place to heal through the love of Jesus and the opportunity to grow from victim to victor. This project is huge. It’s working with three different missionary groups, Builders International, CompassionLink, and of course Happy Horizons. You can read more about this project HERE.

Africa’s Children

In order to build children into strong disciples of Jesus, teachers need access to multiple tools in their own language. Africa’s Children is committed to helping national churches provide materials for children’s workers in local churches. The Jump Start project provides funds for developing and printing materials in local languages. Find out more about this project HERE


Women and children shouldn’t have to walk miles to collect dirty water riddled with disease. The most basic but most critical gift of daily access to clean water helps families and communities establish better healthcare, sanitation, and hygiene, creating opportunities for education, economic growth and agricultural prosperity. AG is partnering with WorldServe, WaterBoys and The Wave to meet this need. You can learn more about this partnership HERE. Churches need to indicate which organization they desire to assist when turning in their missions funds.

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