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Dear 2021 District Camp Staff,

Thank you for your interest in serving at 2021 Camps! After the craziness of 2020, we are so excited and ready to get back to doing what we love so much. Camps may look a little different from years past, but we fully believe that God can show up in any situation.

At MSM Camps, we offer three different types of positions that you can apply for: Group leaders, Rec Staff, and Leaders in Training (LITs). These positions are available to pastors, parents, volunteers, and young adult leaders desiring to lend their time toward guiding Michigan students closer to Christ. 

Staff applicants are required to complete our online application process, which includes:

  • Staff Application

  • MDHHS Central Registry Clearance

  • Background Checks

  • Staff Training and Orientations

As the dates draw closer and state restrictions are hopefully lessened, we will have a better idea of precautions we will need to take. We will make sure to communicate whatever changes need to be implemented so everyone knows what is expected of them. Either way, please remember that we are ultimately the ones responsible for setting the atmosphere for Camps. So even if things like masks and distancing still need to be implemented, it is up to us to maintain a level of excitement and joy, not frustration. Again, thank you so much for your desire and willingness to serve. We cannot wait to be back together with you all.


Pastor Matt and the MSM team

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