Fine Arts 2021

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Click here to download the registration forms and a "Save the date" slide to use in your service.

KFAF is open to kids who are in 1st-6th grade for the 2021-2022 school year (6th graders can participate in either or both kids and student fine arts festival).

The link will take you to the registration forms (individual and group) and the information and rules doc. Every participant needs to fill out the individual form. The group form is for you to fill out so we can ensure all group entries are correct!

Please pay attention to the following details:

- categories and guidelines/criteria to go with each

- how to mail in your church's registration forms and payment

- all writing entries are brought to the festival (4 copies in a folder)

- all art entries are brought to the festival with documentation (in rules)

- dropping off and checking in art entry instructions

Let us know if you need any clarification on anything. We are here to serve you, the kids, and the families of your church!

Nick and Jill Nelson

MSM Fine Arts Festival Coordinators